Legacy Leadership Program

Supports young girls ages 9-14 develop a healthy self-image and feel better about themselves by providing support in a nurturing learning environment which enables them to develop essential skills necessary to face


Addressed Topics:

Confidence, Respect & self-esteem

Positive Body Image


Health & Wellness

Peer Pressure + Bullying


Public Speaking

Community Involvement

Social Media Responsibility

Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

Healthy Emotions & Relationships

Establishing boundaries

Gaining Respect


STEM Careers

Organization & Goal Setting

Financial Literacy

Legacy Leadership Program

A (7/8/9) month enrichment program designed to inspire and develop a community of young girls ages 9 to 14 to become successful by cultivating leadership skills through enrichment programs that promote innovation, community service involvement and volunteerism.

The program offers interactive life-skills workshops, experiential learning activities, STEM career exploration, group mentoring, and community service.

We envision a world in which all girls and young women, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socio-economic background are empowered to reach her fullest potential and lead through service by giving back and helping others.

The Legacy Leadership Program aims to work with girls at an early age to prevent teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, gang involvement, and other high risk behaviors.

What We Believe... by imparting the following core values we will cultivate a community of service-driven, thoughtful, and forward-thinking leaders.

The program meets (Location(s) TBD) bi-weekly/monthly/bi-monthly September - [April/May/June]


RESULTS: GIRLS who participate in leadership programs/activities stay in school and improve their academic performance through high school, college and beyond!